One of the ways to get involved with Alpha Center is to attend our events! See below for more details and registration links.

2018 Fundraising Gala

Join us for the 2018 Fundraising Gala on September 27, 2018!

Registration is Required to attend.

2018 Pastor's Breakfast

Join us for the 2018 Pastor's Breakfast with Mike Williams!

The breakfast will be held at The Crossing Church from 8-9:30AM.

Registration is required to attend, click on the 'register' button below.

Alpha Center is excited to host a Living in Color training on October 19 & 20 for After-Abortion care featuring the curriculum's author, Jenny McDermind, and Jutta Wittmeier.

Those who attend the training will learn:

  • How best to love, serve, and support those wounded by abortion
  • The philosophy, design and delivery of the Living in Color program, and also provides supplemental training for other programs your center or ministries may utilize
  • Mental health issues commonly experienced by those who have experienced abortion

Registration is required, please follow the link below.

Vote for Us for the Erlich Cares Monthly Grant!

Clicking the link will take you to the Erlich Cares FB page, where you can comment on their monthly post with our name "Alpha Center" once a day. You can vote every day if you'd like!

Labor & Delivery Class

Check back for the dates for our next Labor & Delivery Class!